Mount Athabasca

Pictured here is Mount Athabasca with the adjacent Athabasca Glacier which form part of the Columbia Icefield. The icefield was first discovered in 1895 when climbers/explorers Norman Collie and Hermann Woolley ascended via the north ridge. They were rewarded with an amazing view of a great expanse of ice with giant peaks rising above the ice.

To commemorate the centennial of the discovery of the Columbia Icefield, a group of climbers, historians and guides made the ascent of Mount Athabasca on August 18, 1998...and they too were rewarded with the same magnificent view.

Today, the site is a popular tourist destination, with modern snow coach tours which transport people onto the glacier. One can learn a great deal about the Columbia Icefield by visiting the Interpretive Centre where there are interactive displays and history of the area.

by Canmore Artist Marilyn Kinsella, AFCA

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